Replacing a windshield is expensive.
Repairing one is not !

Don't let a simple repair turn into a costly replacement!

We've upgraded!

NorCal Windshield Repair is now DRIVE-Vue

Don't worry. Same great service, repairs and customer service. All past repairs are still covered under our lifetime money back guarantee.

Our Services

We offer a lifetime money-back guarantee on every repair or restoration we do!

Rock Chip Repairs Up To 2" In Length Or Diameter

Rock chips can spread at any time regardless of their age or size. Do not let a simple repair turn into a costly replacement of your windshield.

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Windshield Crack Repairs From 2" to 14" In Length

Do you think you need to replace your windshield? Maybe not! We specialize in windshield crack repairs up to 14" in length. A quality repair is a safe alternative and usually can done at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Professional Headlight Restoration

Driving at night with oxidized headlights is extremely dangerous. Most people don't realize how much light is being restricted. This can lead to accidents that could have easily been prevented. Having your headlights restored is a very affordable, instant safety and visual upgrade for any vehicle.

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Wiper Blade Scratch Removal

We specialize in wiper scratch removal. We can also remove other light scratches on any type of glass.

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